Care Instructions

Your Tubbies keg has been handcrafted to Tubbie exact specifications using seasoned American White Oak (from used red wine barrels) with solid chrome or brass tap and steel or brass fittings. This keg is suitable for the maturation of young bulk port and other fortified wine, as the oak will carry out the natural maturation process.
Please follow the advice below to ensure your keg will be a continuing source of pride and satisfaction for many years to come.



Do not allow your keg to remain empty. Fill your keg as per instruction enclosed as soon as you receive it.

To swell the oak, fill the keg through the bung hole with warm water.

*Do not insert the bung during this process

After 24 hours, empty the water out (through the bung hole) and repeat this process for 2 - 5 days or until there is NO leakage evident.

Empty water out and fill with port immediately to avoid possible growth of mold.

We recommend the first 'batch; be used within 6 months to avoid over wooding. Further batches may be left as long as desired.

Always maintain your keg be at least half full to avoid drying and shrinkage of the oak, which will cause leakage.



Do not submerge your keg in water.

Do not store/display your keg in direct sunlight or near appliance which emit heat or drying air.

Never leave your keg empty.

Do not store water in the keg for longer than 48 hours, as the water will become stagnant and taint the keg.

This keg is not suitable for storage of red and white table wines.