Trouble Shooting

In the unlikely event of a problem with your keg, please check trouble shooting below for answers. If your issue is not mentioned, please contact Tubbies Australia.


External "imperfections" Keg is made from ages red wine barrels so some timber variation is normal Will not affect function of the keg
Loose hoops Slight timber shrinkage or rough handling during transport Carefully re-position loose hoop/s, taking care to align rivets with bung hole. Fill keg with warm water and proceed preparation as per instructions. Hoop/s will become firmly attached.
Wood chips/shavings in new keg Have fallen in during drilling of tap and bung holes. Will flush out through bung hole during preparation (water) process.
Keg still leaking after initial preparation per instructions Overdried through storage Continue with warm water process daily until NO leakage evident.
Bung jammed in hole Bung has been pushed too firmly into hole Using a hammer, tap the bung with gentle upward movements carefully on all sides to loosen it.
*Keg holds more or less than sizing indicates Sizes are approximate only. Thickness will determine capacity.
Leakage of contents from between stave and head joints Keg has overdried while empty or near empty Drain any contents into a container and fill daily with warm water until NO leakage evident.
Leakage from the tap itself Faulty tap Tap needs replacing. Contact Tubbies Australia.
*Leakage from hole that holds tap Tap may have become too loose Remove tap, use plumbers' tape on thread of tap. Using a spanner, screw tap tightly back into keg.
*Mould growth in keg Keg has been left damp and empty

Cleaning: Mix a strong solution of citric acid and water. Shake the solution around inside of the keg. Empty.

Sterilizing: Mix a solution of sodium metabisulphite (10 grams per 1 litre) with water and shake thoroughly around inside of keg. Empty. Leave to dry for 15 minutes to allow solution to take effect. Refill with port.

*Stave has cracked around bung hole Bung has been pushed too firmly into keg, expanded and caused surface to crack Does not affect function of the keg. 
Timber stave cracked along grain Timber "shake" fault Contact Tubbies Australia.
*Tap has become very tight to turn on and off Tightness between spigot and seat of tap due to use Using a flat object (eg. ruler) press base of spigot upwards - this will loosen the on/off motion of the tap.
Stave/s cracked across timber grain Surface crack only Will not affect function of keg.


* = These conditions are not covered by 12 month warranty.